Inland California Rising

Key Issues


Our 2019 summits will help clarify priorities and identify strategies to address common issues, including: 

Higher Education: Expansion of 4-year college capacity and degree completion in the Central Valley and Inland Empire, including comprehensive “cradle to career” approaches to degree completion;

Health Care: Expanding access to care and increasing the supply and capacity of health care providers and hospital beds;

Housing Close to Transit and Job Centers: Innovative policy and financing mechanisms to support adding housing units in locations with improved access to economic opportunity;

Inclusive Economic Development: Supporting economic expansion in Inland California that benefits the diverse residents of our region; and

Transportation Infrastructure: Identifying ways to leverage local, state and federal funds for inter-regional transportation priorities. 

Building California’s backbone is key to the state’s future success.  Inland California is a place confronted by significant challenges and disparities. But it is also a dynamic region, with bold and innovative leadership from the public, business, and nonprofit sectors. We invite your contributions and leadership as we forge a new path forward for Inland California.