Inland California Rising

Inland California Rising (ICR) is a collaborative venture uniting civic leaders across Inland California around four central components:

  1. building social and political capital across regions;
  2. creating learning opportunities and supportive environments for economic, social, and policy innovation;
  3. dramatically increasing public and private investments; and
  4. increasing public awareness and changing perceptions about Inland California, from a place of need to a place of dynamic leadership and innovation.  

Four summits in 2019—starting in Sacramento, and continuing in Riverside, Stockton, and Fresno—will launch the initiative and build the backbone of strong nodes and dynamic network. ICR’s work of uniting Inland California and attracting public and private investment will continue through an annual statewide summit and various regional actions during the years that follow. Each event will bring together state and regional leaders in politics, policy, business, and philanthropy, with creative programming that advances the four goals of the initiative.

The 2019 summits will help clarify priorities and identify strategies to address common issues, including: 

Higher Education:Expansion of 4-year college capacity and degree completion in the Central Valley and Inland Empire, including comprehensive “cradle to career” approaches to degree completion;

Health Care:Expanding access to care and increasing the supply and capacity of health care providers and hospital beds;

Housing Close to Transit and Job Centers: Innovative policy and financing mechanisms to support adding housing units in locations with improved access to economic opportunity;

Inclusive Economic Development: Supporting economic expansion in Inland California that benefits the diverse residents of our region; and

Transportation Infrastructure: Identifying ways to leverage local, state and federal funds for inter-regional transportation priorities.  

The future of California will be determined by what happens in the vast middle of the state.  Inland California is a place confronted by significant challenges and disparities. But it is also a dynamic region, with bold and innovative leadership from the public, business, and nonprofit sectors. While it is impossible to predict the evolution of this newly forming coalition, we do know there is much to be gained by committing to work with one another for the advancement of our mega-region.  We invite your contributions and leadership as we forge a new path forward for Inland California.