California’s Inland Region Key to Statewide Vitality

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California’s Inland Region Key to Statewide Vitality

Karthick Ramakrishnan

When it comes to investing in California, the smart money is heading inland, home to one of the most robust employment, innovation and opportunity centers in the United States. That might surprise those who still view the Inland Empire and Central Valley as distant outposts — barely mentionable in the same sentence as coastal California. In fact, not only has the inland region long served as the industrial and agricultural backbone of the state, it’s where investors are placing their bets and, in the process, helping build what we can now legitimately brand as the new California….

California’s future is inland. Critical investments in the region’s innovation economy, civic leadership, health, and education, are vital to ensuring prosperity in the region and fulfilling the promise of “California for all.”

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